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  • 最新更新: 10-03-21
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Steam 系統需求

  • 应用类别: GameApplication
  • 开发者: Valve Corporation
  • 操作系统: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone
  • : 中文,英文
  • 执照: CNY 0
  • 内存: 1GB或更多
  • 存储空间: 5GB或更多
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Steam 介绍

Steam是一种数字内容管理服务,可帮助您下载和更新各种游戏的最新版本。 您可以检查您拥有的视频游戏的更新,下载最新版本并继续安装扩展包。

Steam : Main Features

Steam : Main Features

Game Store with Thousands of Types of Games

Steam offers game management services to download thousands of games with many partners. Steam also provides forums for that game. This forum can communicate with gamers or share know-how. This forum is aware that users who have not yet purchased games are also available for notes to purchase games.

Unknown Games Discounts and Sale Events

Steam proceeds to a unique price discount and expansion pack sales event for a game that is not available periodically. With these price discount events, you can also purchase games with the maximum -80% reduced amount than your existing prices.

Steam Workshop

The game provided by Steam provides the ability to create content directly or download content that users of Minecraft, GTA, Counter Strike, Dota, Battlegrounds, etc., or other users.